Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More designs for my modern day cavemen!

This project keeps getting better, now I'm getting more into the backgrounds of the characters I am producing, thinking with each design, how they behave, their personalities etc. I have created a broad range of designs varying from stylistic ideas to more complicated concepts. I have also began experimenting with different media to help me visualise what look will suit each character more. My next step is to narrow a few characters that I could develop further and take on to the production stages later on in the project, and also start designing quick environments and scenarios in which they could be in. Please feel free to give advice or feedback you wish to give!!! :)

Below- an idea for one of the cavemen children to be proceeding with one of lifes' everyday scenarios's, in this case going to school. I could also approach this to design the boy with clothes mis positioned around the body, to show his confusion with the new clothing. the image below right is a quick colour test for on of my initial designs which is more detailed.

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