Friday, 23 December 2011

Finished 'feather' Character

Here is my finished feather character. Iam quite pleased with it, she looks quite delicate compared to the others but still has elements of a primitive person, such as the enlarged eyebrows and feet/hands.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Character Idea

I decided to add another female character to my family as I initilally intended. The daughter character called 'Feather' is a young female cave woman, quite dainty and delicate for caveman statures, shes very curious and adventurous, and is quite intelligent...... for a primitive person, and always seeks new things and places to go to. Here is my concept idea for her.

More Background work

Another background based on the Pre-historic era. This is my favourite background so far, I like the contrast in colours between the sky and the landscape in the foreground. I have kept quite plain, earthly colours for this image to give it a barren look. I think the smoke by the fire gives it a bit more atmosphere as well. Making it a bit more believeable that someone lives/d there. Also the sabre tooth cats' skull on the stick in the foreground gives it the prehistoric/primitive look.

Another Background finished wooooo!

Here is the cave entrance background idea, I am fairly pleased with it but I feel it lacks a bit of detail on the cave wall. Maybe if I have time I will go back and add smaller, intricate details to make it stand out more.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Background

Fianlly finished this background!! I'm quite pleased with the overall image, some aspects of it work well such as the use of similar colours throughout ( in this case, purples and greys) I also like the contrast in detail between the more detailed foreground to the silhouette background of the city. Some of the minor details in the foreground could have been developed further mind, such as the garbage on the floor and the pieces of paper. But overall I am quite pleased. I am currently working on some other backgrounds so I will post them as soon as I finish them.....

Here are two more quick concepts which I have drawn and are currently working on colouring. I intend to show some images from both the pre-historic setting as well as the modern day NewYork city scenes. My series will have flashbacks which will show glimpses of their past, for example where they lived etc. I will post my final coloured backgrounds as soon as they are complete....

Below, the entrance to the cave in which they travel through to reach the modern day new york city.

  A quick concept of the small stone house/cave they live in.

Here's a quick initial idea for my Promotional Shot. I intend on having a silhouette of a cave entrance surrounding the image combined with a silhouette of the characters in the foreground. In the background will be the city scene. I want to try and indicate the view from the cave as they come out without giving too much away.

Here is my silhouette test. I think they work well together.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Coloured Designs

Here are me coloured designs. I used Illustrator to colour these. It still takes me a while to colour my images as I am still learning alot about the software but I am now learning new, quicker methods of creating interesting ideas......

For my backgrounds I want to create some scenes from the modern era as well as some from their prehistoric era. I want this because my series will have various flashbacks into the time in which they came from...... Here is a quick concept for the modern day era..

 The idea behind this was to show a dark, damp alley with rubbish on the floor, and graffitti on the walls. Amongst the graffitti there will also be cave paintings but with a light twist, to show that the characters have been there. The cave paintings will consist of stone age figures chasing cars with a city back drop. This will show the link between the two eras. I might even create a silhouette of a the city in the backdrop behind the fence. I am almost finished colouring this background and will upload it as soon as it is completed.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A silhouette of my characters

A quick line up test to see if they scale well with eachother and if they have strong silhouettes.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Some Of my Characters for my pitch!!

here are some of my character ideas for my family of stoneage people. I am indecisive whether to give them a vectorized look by colouring them on illustrator or whether to use photoshop. I still may add a daughter character as well but I am not sure yet, depending on how the time goes.......

Friday, 2 December 2011

New Brief! Post production for our series pitch

for this brief we have to go back to our first project of the year which was the Pre-production for the Series Pitch idea, and now develop that further by finalising our characters and also by developing a way to present our pitch. Just to re-cap my series pitch idea was a short animated series for a young adult/adult target audience which follows a family/tribe of cavemen that venture through the caves and caverns of a mighty plateau in one harsh winter, in search of new hunting grounds. Along their travels they encounter a bright, glaring light in which they cautiously, yet curiously venture towards. As the light grew brighter and more intense they become temporarily blinded of what is in front of them. As they regain their sight as the light dims, they look out towards a strange land full of large stone/concrete towers. The skycrapers and buildings of modern day New york city. The path behind them closed, they must venture into the city and learn to adapt and fit in to survive. They will encounter everyday (modern day) situations/problems, and learn how to cope and evolve to fit in........The humour will be similar to that of 'the Simpsons', which is not as crude as other adult based animated series such as 'Family Guy', but will still hopefully be able to relate with the audience as they begin to deal with day-to-day scenarios. I will keep my blog updated with any new/finalised ideas I come up with :)..........

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My E4 Sting!!

Here are my final characters I created for my E4 sting and my final video........Please leave comments on what you think.

I used illustrator to colour my backgrounds and characters and Flash to animate my clip. They are both new software to me (especially flash) but they were both great to use and I have learned new techniques and methods which I will use for my future projects.....

and here's my sting.....