Saturday, 10 December 2011

Coloured Designs

Here are me coloured designs. I used Illustrator to colour these. It still takes me a while to colour my images as I am still learning alot about the software but I am now learning new, quicker methods of creating interesting ideas......

For my backgrounds I want to create some scenes from the modern era as well as some from their prehistoric era. I want this because my series will have various flashbacks into the time in which they came from...... Here is a quick concept for the modern day era..

 The idea behind this was to show a dark, damp alley with rubbish on the floor, and graffitti on the walls. Amongst the graffitti there will also be cave paintings but with a light twist, to show that the characters have been there. The cave paintings will consist of stone age figures chasing cars with a city back drop. This will show the link between the two eras. I might even create a silhouette of a the city in the backdrop behind the fence. I am almost finished colouring this background and will upload it as soon as it is completed.

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