Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Background

Fianlly finished this background!! I'm quite pleased with the overall image, some aspects of it work well such as the use of similar colours throughout ( in this case, purples and greys) I also like the contrast in detail between the more detailed foreground to the silhouette background of the city. Some of the minor details in the foreground could have been developed further mind, such as the garbage on the floor and the pieces of paper. But overall I am quite pleased. I am currently working on some other backgrounds so I will post them as soon as I finish them.....

Here are two more quick concepts which I have drawn and are currently working on colouring. I intend to show some images from both the pre-historic setting as well as the modern day NewYork city scenes. My series will have flashbacks which will show glimpses of their past, for example where they lived etc. I will post my final coloured backgrounds as soon as they are complete....

Below, the entrance to the cave in which they travel through to reach the modern day new york city.

  A quick concept of the small stone house/cave they live in.

Here's a quick initial idea for my Promotional Shot. I intend on having a silhouette of a cave entrance surrounding the image combined with a silhouette of the characters in the foreground. In the background will be the city scene. I want to try and indicate the view from the cave as they come out without giving too much away.

Here is my silhouette test. I think they work well together.

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