Monday, 23 January 2012

My idea for the title sequence

My idea for the title sequence is to create the opening sequence for the RBS 6 Nations rugby tournament. I chose this because I am a big rugby fan and know alot about the sport, and also how it is presented on TV. There have been a few opening sequences which I liked, in particular the 2010 6 nations introduction was great, using various elements and aspects of each country, (such as the dragon for wales, Knight for England, Lion for Scotland etc) as a way to represent each country. Using this as inspiration I intend to show create a very dramatic and atmospheric piece, portraying the intensity and passion of the tournament, and the sport itself. I intend to use various ways of presenting the sequence, from silhouette imagery, to montage pieces to convey my interpretation. I iwll upload any of my ideas as soon as I put them together. Also I will post my Series 'Re-design' ideas tomorrow on my blog.

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