Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Further Developments.......

Here is a quick line up test of the characters I have created......

For the characters in the series I need to create some backgrounds for the in situation shots, that will hopefully make the series more recogniseable.

For the two main characters Sam and Dean I wanted to create a dark alley scene, very atmospheric and eerie. I would then place the two characters in the shot in the specific pose of my choice.

Below are some of the developments in the Alley Scene.

(ABOVE) This needed a little more work to make it more atmospheric and eerie. So extra details were needed, to also make it look like it was part of the Supernatural Series.

 (ABOVE) I have added mist to areas in the background but still some minor details were missing.

(ABOVE) Finalised background ready for characters to be placed in. I added supernatural symbols from the series on the walls and door and also wrote 'CROATOAN' in a graffiti style on the wall on the right hand side. this word plays a major part in the series as it is a 'demonic' virus that plagues numerous towns and cities within many of the episodes.

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