Monday, 9 April 2012

some work from my last in situation shot

Here are some of the concepts for my last in situation shot for the character Castiel. The idea behind this is to take one of the main shota in the series when one of the characters first meets the angel character Castiel. It is situated in a barn and the walls and floor are covered in various supernatural symbols, as they do not know what to expect before he arrives. Finally, revealing he is an angel. As he enters the barn, all the lights explode and a shadowed silhouette of his wings appear behind him on the wall. As he is not an evil character I did not want to create a sinister feel to the shot.
Anyway here are some of the images I used.....
The Barn background

The Barn Foreground pieces

In situation Castiel. A quite neutral pose. Not to sinister. Similar to that in the series.

The wing silhouette

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