Monday, 21 May 2012

My Title Sequence

Ive tried again to upload my title sequence so here it is, if it doesnt work I will put the link for the video on vimeo ASAP

Nathan Hudson
Major Project Evaluation

Overall I think my Major project was fairly successful.  There were some areas of my work that I thought worked well yet there were some areas that I could have developed further if I managed my time more effectively. I did find it difficult at times to juggle the three different projects and I tended to favour the Series re-creation work and the Title sequence over the collaboration work. Yet as a whole I believe I’ve produced a decent body of work.

Series Re-creation
I think this was my most successful project. I chose to re-create I thoroughly enjoy character exploration and it was interesting to re-develop characters from one of my favourite television series ‘supernatural’. At first I struggled to find a style that would be suitable to the theme of the series, which was quite dark and sinister. So I began experimenting with various styles, and looking at artists’ work, such as Stephen Silver and then comic book art. I decided to use a more serious/detailed style, which at first I thought was a good choice as it suited the series. Despite this as I began to produce the turn-arounds and action poses/ facial expressions I found it difficult to maintain the more realistic proportions and detail. In some of the designs they slightly go off character, so if I were to do a project like this again I think I would create more simplistic characters. I also found it difficult to colour them in areas. Even though the colour schemes worked effectively, my earlier designs have a more softened/ air brush appearance and after advice from my tutors we came to the conclusion that they may have worked better if they had a harder look, for the shadows etc. I totally agreed with this and I did try to use harsher shadows on later designs. Areas that I thought were strong in my work were the in situation shots and promotional image. I had to redevelop these a few times as the accuracy of perspective was off. I corrected this when I started using Google sketch up for a basic sketch of my design. I coloured these using harder/heavier shadows yet keeping an atmospheric look which I intended. I used these techniques in my promotional poster which I think were my most successful pieces of work.  If I were to under go a project similar to this in the future I will simplify the characters and technique of colouring, whether it be using different software such as Illustrator or block colouring on Photoshop. Yet I am pleased with the outcome.

Title Sequence
This was an interesting  project. It was great to change the style of work from my
Series re-creation to this project.  I decided to change from using a detailed approach to using simple silhouettes and basic backgrounds. I chose to do this for a few reasons, one being that it will help me diversify my styles which I believe I will need to do in the industry in the future. Also it I do not believe it would have worked as well if the sequence had more detailed imagery. I found it hard to know how much animation I should put into the animatic without turning it into a full blown animation. Obviously not being an animator I did struggle animating certain areas such as some of the emerging man sequence. I animated using photoshop which I haven’t used for something like this before, which was fairly simple to use but quite limited. Although I think it did a fairly decent job.  The sequence consisted of two different parts. The first being a silhouette sequence where a guy emerges from the rugby field and the other a series of montage still imagery. The montage aspects had images of players that I created which would be replaced by real sequences if it were to be produced. These were the areas I had trouble with. The characters I created were exaggerated in their physique to make it a bit more unique. I did not want all of these to be moving as I think it would have been to distracting so I had to many parts moving. I believe the sound effects and music I chose emphasised my animatic further and makes it more effective. Especially the beating heart sequences and lightning shots. As ¬¬¬¬this was my first animatic  I’ve created I am pleased with the outcome. Aspects I would change would be the montage as I think they are the weaker areas and I struggled on developing them. Maybe if I were to create more unique designs for the characters similar to the work of Marc Craste then they may have been more effective. Yet I am happy with the outcome of this project.

This was the project that I could have developed more than the others. I was unsure on what was needed for this project at first and so I did not produce that much work for it as we ran out of time. We decided to create an idea/pitch for a P.C online game. Such as the flash games that are found on facebook etc. As soon as we created this brief between ourselves we assigned ourselves different roles. Mine being the creation of two characters and the logo design. My characters had to be simple to suit the nature of the game and the ability of the game, as it did everyone elses. My final characters were coloured using illustrator and I believe were the strongest of my characters out of the three projects as they were so simple. I do wish we decided on this brief earlier which would have allowed me and the other members of our group to create more characters, backgrounds etc and created a more convincing idea. I think the idea was great and is something we could develop even further in the future if we coolabo

Friday, 18 May 2012

Last but not least Collaboration work....

My work to begin with......

And now our work put together....Ta DA!!!!!

Some of the final Visuals

Some of the final visuals.....

Title Sequence

It wont let me upload my video because this blog is crap, I will have to set up an account this week on vimeo but here are my storyboards and a few visuals for the final look.....


Finallly our Major project is finished, here i sthe work I have produced for Series re-creation, title sequence and collaboration....hope you like

Series re-creation