Friday, 31 August 2012

one last caricature to do before I go back to reality!

I have a little time to do maybe one big caricature before I go back to Uni. The same friend who recently had the All blacks caricature done wants another one for his and his girlfriends anniversary. This will slightly more complicated as they want a background as well. More specific a shot where they are together in 'M&M world'. He wants this as it is a fond memory of theirs. Obviously I will not make the background to detailed because it will draw focus from them two in the shot. I have until the 13th of September for this, and he also wants it printed on a large canvas. This is definately the most complicated one I have done but it should be fun and hopefully it will look good and he will be pleased with it.........

this is the pic he has given me. I will most likely zoom in closer so they are more visible in the shot

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