Tuesday, 16 October 2012

First project finished

Its been a long, jam packed first two weeks of the 3rd year. Its had its good days and days with major hiccups...more hiccups to be honest but its been a great learning curve. Ive enjoyed learning how to use the basic tools of flash, especially drawing in a vector based line and seeing my character come to life. My animation was only simple but I think I did fairly well considering we only had two weeks for this project and I have produced a decent body of work.

The main problem for me was when it came to exporting my video sequences. It would either start lagging or some elements (such as the symbols within symbols) wouldnt show on screen for some peculiar reason, despite my many efforts to try and correct this by experimenting with different export files. I managed to create each of the seperate sequences but not join them as one as yet due to the rendering/exporting problem. I will put them all together as well as our whole collaborative sequence as well. Even though none of our group members sequences are joined together as yet we may continue this even further to the main deadline on the 7th December where it will be looked at by those working for the NSS which they will then decide if it is suitable. Anyway here are some of the sheets I have to show, and hopefully the videos will show aswell.....

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