Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New project!

Finally a chance to do some drawing. This new brief is fairly open which I am happy with. As I am doing art strand (design) I have the opprtunity to concentrate on some character/background concepts, but if some of my characters are succesfull I may try animating some short clips or even ask some others to collaborate and animate my character for me.

I have an idea in mind of a child character who, one day, wanders through an old scrap yard and finds an interesting object that captures his attention. To his knowledge its just an object that he will use in his imaginary games (as every child does). Not actually realising that it has the power to teleport him through different time eras and realms. In these different eras he will have to change something in the past or contribute to something that is vital to that era before he can journey home...

I have other versions of this story in my head and i will most likely change it to suit my needs. At the moment this is a rough basis for a premise.

I liked this idea not only as it provides me with the chance of coming up with some interesting character/background concepts but it had good an educational value aswell to those who watch ( a young target audience)

Anyway thats my idea so far and I will update my blog with any progress in the story or design side of things.......

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