Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Its my final year in Uni now and so we have kicked off right where we left off (neck deep in work) haha. Our new project is a short two week project, basically split into two parts. They both involve the use of flash and animating within flash. The first week is basically a recap on how to use this software and learn any new methods by researching tutorials on the net. It is a good way of learning as we write down these sites in a 'Research Journal/diary' so that we can recap if we are struggling in any areas. As I am not an animator but a designer instead I will use this diary often. I know the basics of flash which is a start but have a lot to learn. Its important to be diverse in the animation/design industry so minor projects such as this will widen my experience and hopefully widen my career opportunities.

The second week will be based on animating a short 10-15 second sequence. The theme of this project is to create a clip that will entice students to fill in the National Student Survey (NSS) forms in. Its a good project because it is simialr to what we coould encounter in the future. It also enables us to collaborate with others to create one long clip or a montage of smaller sequences. I will put up any designs that I have created aswell as the clip I create.....Looking forward to seeing the final result!!

It also gives us the opportunity to have our work possibly displayed (if chosen and appropriate) around the University of Glamorgan campus, on show to around 20,000 students. Hopefully it will make the cut:)

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