Saturday, 19 January 2013


Well its that time of year when reality hits and everyone starts to panic because their final major project has arrived. Yet it is exciting to start a brand new idea with loads of characters, environments etc to be created and developed. This is my main last project in university and I am both a little excited and nervous about finishing this year...........Anyway....... This is the idea for my project.

My idea is a pitch for a short animated 2D film about a young teenager who gets told by his father to carry out a boring, mundane task. As all teens do, they moan and groan and whine, and then moan some more, and still it has to be done. Yet as he embarks on his task his imagination begins to run amock within his mind and his task suddenly becomes far more interesting. He is now on a journey, an adventure, where is everyday surroundings are drastically changed. His streets are now dense, thick and humid rainforests, the run down stores are ancient ruins. The empty car parks, waste lands or marshes where only the brave dare to venture. Along his travels his loyal companion (his dog) is visualised as a wild beast, short in temper and in stature. The local gangs that dwell on street corners are evil villains and the local old lady, an eccentric and crazy witchdoctor......

Will he manage to complete the task in reality, or will his imagination have the better of him.......???

This will be aimed at a young teens to mid -teens audience. I will try to create two types of image scenarios, one being the reality sequences and the other being his imagination. I may incorporate two different styles for each scenario as I think this may be effective yet I must keep some similarities between the two. I have finished most of my research and have now began designing, Once I have scanned them in I will upload them to here. I will be juggling this project with some minor ones including collaboration and a personal project but I am looking forward to all of them.....see you guys soooonnn!!!!

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