Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some quick coloured initial ideas

I have not created my characters in order, I have started initial cocnepts for the teenager character and wild boar character. I have found it quite difficult to get a good start with this project and have had a few bad days of designing. I need to try out various styles so here are a few quick ideas, varying in styles etc some work quite well and some I think are not any good at all.......

Quite a cartoony image, using no outline and coloured quite simply. I like the proportions but this design can be pushed further

Trying a cut/collage effect. Quite graphic and linear in areas, coloured on illustrator and then finished with a texture. Works fairl well but a little flat for me.

Here I have tried a few different styles. I like the Top right hand design. Although he looks fairly modern he also has a tribal boyish look to him which could link well with my story.

 The idea behind these quick concepts was to show a snippet of the boy stepping stones across a pond/stream ( which would be just normal paving in reality) I have tried adding a texture to make it a bit more atmospheric and I have also got rid of the character out line, which works nicely. I like the contrast between the cartoony styled character and then a more concept/ airbrushed painted water feature or background. This could be the two styles I am aiming to use.

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