Friday, 2 December 2011

New Brief! Post production for our series pitch

for this brief we have to go back to our first project of the year which was the Pre-production for the Series Pitch idea, and now develop that further by finalising our characters and also by developing a way to present our pitch. Just to re-cap my series pitch idea was a short animated series for a young adult/adult target audience which follows a family/tribe of cavemen that venture through the caves and caverns of a mighty plateau in one harsh winter, in search of new hunting grounds. Along their travels they encounter a bright, glaring light in which they cautiously, yet curiously venture towards. As the light grew brighter and more intense they become temporarily blinded of what is in front of them. As they regain their sight as the light dims, they look out towards a strange land full of large stone/concrete towers. The skycrapers and buildings of modern day New york city. The path behind them closed, they must venture into the city and learn to adapt and fit in to survive. They will encounter everyday (modern day) situations/problems, and learn how to cope and evolve to fit in........The humour will be similar to that of 'the Simpsons', which is not as crude as other adult based animated series such as 'Family Guy', but will still hopefully be able to relate with the audience as they begin to deal with day-to-day scenarios. I will keep my blog updated with any new/finalised ideas I come up with :)..........

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