Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Some of my design work for the Series Re-creation

Here are some updated work for the series re-design. I am currently working on the turn-arounds at the moment which ar eproving to be difficult but here are some of my designs so far.....

(ABOVE) a test on Google Sketch up to see what the the new Bobby in situation shot will look like. Now the persepective is more accurate

Some of my tests for the title sequence

Here are some quick tests for the title sequence. Some need tweaking in areas and they havent been timed out correctly yet but this gives an idea of what they will look like......

Updated work

Here are some of the stills from my final title sequence storyboards...........Obviously I wont put each step up as there are waaaaaayyyyy to many but here are some ideas of what the final outcome may look like. I am quite pleased with the style and colours used yet I still have loads to work on including the montage sequence.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More artwork for the series pitch and the title sequence

I have finished some of the shots for the heart beating sequence for the title sequence and I will upload the videos as soon as I have rendered them.I have also completed some of the initial shots for the title sequence and I will upload them as soon as I have added some final touches.

                                        Above is my construction sheet for the Lilith character. From this I created my turnaround, my front, 3/4 and back view was ok but I had to re-draw the side view as the design went off character. 

Also having some discussions with my tutor about my background for Bobby that I have uploaded recently, that the perspective is off in certain areas. So I will be re-designing this particular shot but keeping elements from the original. I will upload the concept as soon as I have drawn it out.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

My final background for Bobby

Here is my final background for Bobby, I have added extra details. such as the supernatural symbols on the books etc. I have also changed the phone on the desk on the right hand side and the safe in th top far left corner. The perspective of these were off so they needed to be change. They were also too simplistic for the style of the series, so I made them a little more detailed. I have added some extra lighting effects in order to make it more atmospheric. Focusing on the two light sources in the room. I am quite pleased with the outcome. i think the character sits well in the setting and it matches up with the series well.

Below are my modified telephone and safe.....

(ABOVE) My new concepts for thr phone and safe.

(ABOVE) Now coloured on photoshop, keeping the colour schemes quite dark to suit the theme.

(ABOVE) My final concept for Bobbys' library room.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

More in Situation work..

This is another idea for my in situation shot for the character Bobby. I had the idea of creating a scene of the interior of Bobbys' house. In the scene it is cluttered and old, full of books and old bits and bobs. I wanted to create a very dark look for the room which is recogniseable in the series. The character spends most of his time in this setting so I thought it would be important to show this particular scene.I have not finished yet and it needs tweaking but below is the work so far.....

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Further Developments.......

Here is a quick line up test of the characters I have created......

For the characters in the series I need to create some backgrounds for the in situation shots, that will hopefully make the series more recogniseable.

For the two main characters Sam and Dean I wanted to create a dark alley scene, very atmospheric and eerie. I would then place the two characters in the shot in the specific pose of my choice.

Below are some of the developments in the Alley Scene.

(ABOVE) This needed a little more work to make it more atmospheric and eerie. So extra details were needed, to also make it look like it was part of the Supernatural Series.

 (ABOVE) I have added mist to areas in the background but still some minor details were missing.

(ABOVE) Finalised background ready for characters to be placed in. I added supernatural symbols from the series on the walls and door and also wrote 'CROATOAN' in a graffiti style on the wall on the right hand side. this word plays a major part in the series as it is a 'demonic' virus that plagues numerous towns and cities within many of the episodes.

Some of my series re-creation work

Here are some developments in my series work. I have now finalised all of the five characters, and my next step is to begin the turnarounds for these characters.

(ABOVE) Final character Dean

(ABOVE) This was my first colour attempt at the character 'Bobby' I was not happy with the colour and the facial features made the character look as if it was created for a different show so I had to modify this.

(ABOVE) This was my first colour attempt at Sam. Similar to the character Bobby, I was not happy with the colour schemes I used and also the proportionsseemed out, especially the head as it was to big.

(ABOVE) My final Sam character, I have changed the colour scheme. Making it more earthly, which sits better with the other characters. I also placed the arms to his side, the proportions feel better now.

(ABOVE) The demon character Lilith. This was an interesting character to create as the Demon Lilith posesses a young innocent girl in the series. She has white eyes and wears a 'princess' style dress. Although I think it looks quite sinister, I still felt it was missing something.

(ABOVE) My finalised Bobby character. I made the colours more bland and worn out. I also adjusted some of the facial features such as the nose and jaw line, making it more human like. I think it works better now.

(ABOVE) My finalised character for the Angel Castiel. He wears a long Trench coat and often stands in quite subdued poses, showing very little emotion.

(ABOVE) My finalised Lilith character. I added the blood stain simply because its what happens in the series. She is seen wearing a blood stained dress. Although it seems a little twisted and dark, I think it suits the chatacter and the theme of the series. Hopefully it will be recognised as this character.