Thursday, 26 January 2012

Title sequence concept work

Here are some quick colour scheme and concept work for my RBS 6 nations title sequence. I want it to be very dramatic and atmospheric because that seems to be the theme throughout the rugby title sequences I have researched. So keeping the link is important, yet taking a different approach to the design etc is essential.

My idea is to start with an establishing shot of Rugby posts and the field, and thunder and lightning in the background.
I like the colour schemes used as it makes it look intense and the silhouette, I think works great with the background. An alternative Idea is to have the rugby ball also as a silhouette on the field....
In the distance a faint sound of the crowd will be heard.
The next shot will be of the earth trembling....

 A hand will then emerge as the sound of the crowd gets louder and more intense.

After looking at the RBS 6 nations 2010 title sequence,  I liked the idea of using aspects from each country such as the dragon for Wales, the Knight for England, Lion representing Scotland etc. So Ithought I could keep the link and incorporate this in my design. So I tested a quick idea for a dragons' hand, by simply painting over the original hand design. This may prove to be difficult because not all the countries have a character that could be recognised well to the viewer. So I may stick with the human hand.

The next stage will be the body emerging from the ground but I have not drawn this particular shot yet.

As the sequence goes on I intend to have a montage of shots of players in action, although I will have to adjust the background etc so it  makes the piece more visually interesting.

The ball will be white with the tournaments colours on it. this will be a complete contrast from the black silhouettes and will hopefully look effective.
As the montage continues, instead of having the countries logos on a badge, I will have a red glowing shape on the chest. the heart. As the camera zooms in, the heart will be beating, revealing the countries logos embedded on the heart, made up of the veins , arteries etc. I think this idea could be quite unique if it is produced well. it will tie in with the dramatic feel to the sequence and the passion of the game. Obviously this isn't a completed final piece and only a quick concept of what it could look like.

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