Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Some of my series re-creation work

Here are some developments in my series work. I have now finalised all of the five characters, and my next step is to begin the turnarounds for these characters.

(ABOVE) Final character Dean

(ABOVE) This was my first colour attempt at the character 'Bobby' I was not happy with the colour and the facial features made the character look as if it was created for a different show so I had to modify this.

(ABOVE) This was my first colour attempt at Sam. Similar to the character Bobby, I was not happy with the colour schemes I used and also the proportionsseemed out, especially the head as it was to big.

(ABOVE) My final Sam character, I have changed the colour scheme. Making it more earthly, which sits better with the other characters. I also placed the arms to his side, the proportions feel better now.

(ABOVE) The demon character Lilith. This was an interesting character to create as the Demon Lilith posesses a young innocent girl in the series. She has white eyes and wears a 'princess' style dress. Although I think it looks quite sinister, I still felt it was missing something.

(ABOVE) My finalised Bobby character. I made the colours more bland and worn out. I also adjusted some of the facial features such as the nose and jaw line, making it more human like. I think it works better now.

(ABOVE) My finalised character for the Angel Castiel. He wears a long Trench coat and often stands in quite subdued poses, showing very little emotion.

(ABOVE) My finalised Lilith character. I added the blood stain simply because its what happens in the series. She is seen wearing a blood stained dress. Although it seems a little twisted and dark, I think it suits the chatacter and the theme of the series. Hopefully it will be recognised as this character.

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