Sunday, 11 March 2012

My final background for Bobby

Here is my final background for Bobby, I have added extra details. such as the supernatural symbols on the books etc. I have also changed the phone on the desk on the right hand side and the safe in th top far left corner. The perspective of these were off so they needed to be change. They were also too simplistic for the style of the series, so I made them a little more detailed. I have added some extra lighting effects in order to make it more atmospheric. Focusing on the two light sources in the room. I am quite pleased with the outcome. i think the character sits well in the setting and it matches up with the series well.

Below are my modified telephone and safe.....

(ABOVE) My new concepts for thr phone and safe.

(ABOVE) Now coloured on photoshop, keeping the colour schemes quite dark to suit the theme.

(ABOVE) My final concept for Bobbys' library room.

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